Toddler mauled by Pitbull

Toddler mauled by Pitbull

When we send our kids to the shop to buy some treats on a weekend, we are aware that there are some dangers, but we never consider that they might get mauled by an animal.

Woman mauled by pitbulls in Durban North
Netcare 911

Unfortunately for one family that’s exactly what happened when Willem Coetzee sent his three kids to the tuck shop down the road to go buy treats for themselves.

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This seemingly safe activity almost turned deadly when the children were attacked by a pitbull terrier which ripped into the unfortunate four-year-old and ripped chunks of flesh off her.

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When the father went to see if the dog was still there, he found that the gate had been left open which allowed the dog to escape.

When he confronted the dog's owner, he got no response, so they have now opened a case with the police. 

Image Credit: Netcare911

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