Tweeps share how they found out their partner had a secret wedding

Tweeps share how they found out their partner had a secret wedding

The past long weekend saw a lot of weddings take place.

Images of couples tying the knot flooded social media from Friday, 24 September.

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Although it was a joyous moment for many couples, some people were in tears after discovering through social media that their partners got married without their knowledge.

The hashtag #MyPersonGotMarriedKaWeekend has been trending on Twitter, with some people sharing how they found out about their partner’s wedding.

Not only is that discovery devastating, but for some it has even caused health complications.

A lady by the name of Lungile explained on Twitter how she is one of the people who has experienced such and as a result suffered from depression.

“Well am a living testimony. That's the most darkest place I've ever experienced. I had to get professional help, I had anxiety, stress, depression, sleepless, suicidal you name it. I was on medication for 6 months antidepressants where my daily bread.” 

She says to this day, her life has never been the same and her character has even changed.

“I felt like God handed me over to the devil and said torture her but spare me her life for she is mine not yours. Am not the same person I was before.I think am supposed to be stronger but 2 be honest emotionally am so Weak,I've become a Crier and that was neva my character,” she added.

Another Twitter user by the name of Karabo says this happened to her friend.

“My friend went to visit her Mom’s family in Lesotho. Next thing I am getting calls checking where is she I must come quick her living in boyfriend was getting married in the West Rand. Sure enough I got the he was getting married. Had to break the news to her over the phone,” she wrote. 

Nkabikazi also shared her story of how her partner came back with a ring on his finger, but claimed it was his family and church that made him get married.

“For me it wasn't this weekend but he went home for December holidays and came back with a ring on his finger. Some of my friends at the time attended the wedding. On the weekend he was coming back i decided to go to his place to clean and cook cos I had a Spare kry. Lol when he opened the door and saw me he was shocked and tried very hard to take off the ring but it wasn't coming off fast enough and I noticed. He apologized profusely and told me that he loves me and it was his parents and a church thing. He promised me that it wasn't going to affect we had and things will be same! Guess what... I forgave him and things went south from then,” she wrote.

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