Unbelievable moment kiteboarder collides with whale

Unbelievable moment kite boarder collides with whale

This kite boarder can count his blessings for not being injured!

imahe kite boarder hits whale

What are the chances of colliding with a whale while out kite boarding? 

One kite boarder got the biggest surprise of his life when he experienced a dangerous encounter with a huge humpback whale. 

Andrei Grigoriev was kite surfing in the waters off of Crissy Field Beach in San Francisco when he suddenly collided with a huge humpback whale.

Out of nowhere the whale breached the water's surface, sending Grigoriev over the whale's back, almost as if he performed a stunt on a ramp. 

By the look on his face, he was absolutely stunned and it seems that neither the man or the whale was injured.

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