WATCH: American couples wild South African adventure

WATCH: American couples wild South African adventure

We have a beautiful country, and what we can all agree on  is, there is never a dull moment in SA, whether you are a local or not. 

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In a two-part TikTok story, a user that goes by @GoldShawFarm recounts a story of when he visited Cape Town with his girlfriend and got quite the experience.

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The story starts with the man and his girlfriend getting a rented car to their luxury hotel. While on route to the hotel, the car bonnet flips up and blocks their view, so they stop on the side of a highway.

Little did they know that it was right next to one of the most dangerous locations in Cape Town.

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Thankfully a man pulls up and helps the couple.

The story is gripping and worth watching to the end.

Image: TikTok/goldshawfarm

Watch the video below:

@goldshawfarm I once had the craziest experiences when I rented a car in South Africa #storytime #southafrica ♬ original sound - Morgan Gold
@goldshawfarm Reply to @goldshawfarm the inevitable conclusion to my South African rental car story #storytime #southafrica ♬ original sound - Morgan Gold

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