WATCH: Bride somersaults at her wedding

WATCH: Bride somersaults at her wedding

Weddings are exciting and joyful events for all involved, but one bride was so overjoyed she did a somersault. 

Bride somersaults

A video of a local bride is doing the rounds on the internet because of her hilarious antics at her wedding.

In the video shared on Twitter, you can see the woman dancing with the crowd cheering her on before she somersaults - leaving the crowd stunned for a few moments.

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After she gets up, the crowd continues to cheer her on. It turns out she only did this to spice up her dance moves.

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Needless to say, Twitter users were astounded by the act and left comments like: “You can take her out of the groove but you can't take the groove outta her”.

Watch the video below:

Image: @KulaniCool/Twitter

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