WATCH: Bullfrogs come out to play in Gauteng

WATCH: Bullfrogs come out to play in Gauteng

The heavy rains in Gauteng have coaxed the elusive bullfrogs out of hiding.


Bullfrogs spend most of their time buried beneath the soil for most of the year, but the rain in Gauteng has been the perfect weather to breed in.

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These elusive creatures usually bury themselves 20cm below the surface, where they can stay dormant for up to 11 months until the right conditions for breeding come around.

In a video shared by the Heidelburg SPCA, you can see the playful amphibians hopping around and making quite the racket.

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People have been super delighted to see the rare phenomenon and have taken to the comments saying: "Such an awesome sight...loving all rains we have had recently. Love to hear them croaking at night time in our Village dam.".

Watch the video below:

Image: SPCA Heidelberg Gauteng South Africa/Facebook

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