WATCH: Buying filtered water is a waste of money

WATCH: Buying filtered water is a waste of money

A South African water sommelier has taken to social media to share interesting facts about water you never knew.

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Candice Jansen, a water sommelier, it truly passionate about water, and she has been educating people about the essential resource.

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In one of her videos, she highlights the fact that paying for filtered water is a waste of money because you get the same water out of your tap at home.

She did say that the only time it is reasonable to pay for bottled water is if it is natural spring water which can have different taste profiles.

It was important to note that filtered water can come in many varieties depending on how it was filtered.

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One big tip that she shared was that people should look at the TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) on the label, as this tells you how many minerals are found in the water.

Watch the video below:

@watersomm Filtered Wster doesn’t mean all the good stuff is taken out. #watersommelier #water #filtration #waterbrands #fijiwater #filtration #filter #filterinstagram #fiji ♬ original sound - Candice Jansen
@watersomm Is bottled water a scam ? #watersommelier #water #bottledwater ♬ original sound - Candice Jansen

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