WATCH: Chilling moment woman says "I think I'm gonna die" before being abducted

WATCH: Chilling moment a woman is allegedly abducted

Security footage shows the moment a woman was allegedly kidnapped while begging for help at a stranger's door. 

Abducted woman

The search for a woman believed to have been abducted at gunpoint from a stranger's front porch in Ontario, Canada, is on. 

A video uploaded by the New York Post shows a woman desperately ringing a doorbell and looking over her shoulder at 2 am before she's forcefully dragged away by a man. 

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The horrific footage was released by Canadian police in hopes of finding the victim. In the video, the woman can be seen ringing the doorbell and no one answered. The man appears to have a gun in his hand and drags the victim away with her hair. 

It's not clear yet if the man is her boyfriend, but he can be heard making death threats in the video.

The man can be heard telling the woman “You gonna stop?” and “you should slam one in your head right now.”

“Get in the f***ing car,” the man says as he appears to drag the woman by her hair toward the car.

“I think I’m gonna die,” the woman says desperately. 

“Good,” the man replies, saying: “Get in the f***ing car. I’m gonna kill you.”

Watch the chilling video below:

Warning: Not for sensitive viewers. 

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