WATCH: COVID-19 vaccine won't make you magnetic

WATCH: COVID-19 vaccine won't make you magnetic

Yes, there is a challenge going around showing people putting magnets on their arms to prove that the vaccine makes you magnetic. 

'Magnetic' arm

For the record, scientists have debunked the magnetic microchip theory and reassured us that a magnet will not stick to your arm due to the inoculation.

Photos and videos posted on social media show several people with magnets on their arms at the inoculation point followed by claims that magnets will stick to your arm after you’ve gotten the COVID-19 vaccine injected into that arm.

For example, a picture posted on Instagram and Twitter showed a woman saying: “Here’s the magnet. This is the arm I got the Pfizer shot in,” while placing what appears to be a magnet on her left arm, according to Angelo Fichera writing for the website She then continued to say, “You go figure it out. We’re chipped. We’re all bleeped,” except she didn’t say “bleeped” if you catch our drift.  

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If you have come across the videos of magnets sticking to people's arms with claims that it is a result of a magnetic microchip and are worried that the vaccine will make you magnetic, do rest assured that it won't. 

Here's a video of a woman taking part in the challenge showing that anything can stick to your skin, even if it's not a magnet. 

One of the videos claiming that the vaccine makes you magnetic...

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