WATCH: Funny reaction to Rage being cancelled

WATCH: Funny reaction to Rage being cancelled

These guys waited an entire year for the chance to rave away and celebrate, but they just ended up annoyed.

Plett rage

Imagine being in the middle of a party, and then suddenly the whole thing gets cancelled. That’s what happened to these guys - and they were ticked off.

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The guys were being interviewed on the news, and you could hear the annoyance in the one guy’s voice as he said, “Okes came to party."

He said that he and his friends had just gone out for a swim, and when they got out, they were told that the entire event had been cancelled.

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One of the chief complaints was that they spent thousands of rands on flights and accommodation, and it’s all a waste.

Watch the video below:

Image Credit: @RoriMoseli/Twitter

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