WATCH: Hair-raising video of hippo chasing a boat

WATCH: Hair-raising video of hippo chasing a boat

These tourists got their money’s worth on this trip!

Hippo chases boat

Some tourists were on a boat cruise to see the wildlife, and it seems the wildlife did not want them around when the hippo gave chase.

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The incident was captured on video, circulated on social media, and shocked everyone.

In the video, you see the hippo turn toward the boat, which prompts the driver to start heading away with the hippo chasing at full speed.

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People who saw the video commented: “If the tour guide looks scared, it’s the appropriate time to panic.”

Watch the video below:
@theglobalanimalsworld Wild Animal Encounter pt. 6 By @ricardocuca (Ig) #hypopotamus #animals ♬ original sound - TheGlobalAnimalsWorld

Image: @theglobalanimalsworld/TikTok

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