WATCH: Hilarious video of lady switching from gospel to Adele song

WATCH: Hilarious video of local lady switching from gospel to Adele song

She cannot be blamed because it is a catchy song.


A hilarious video of a woman singing a gospel song has gone viral because she slips into Adele’s ‘Easy On Me”.

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In the video, you see a woman singing her heart out in a gospel song during worship, but when the time for the next verse comes, the unexpected happens.

As she begins the second verse, she slips into the chorus of ‘Easy On Me’, and the person next to her frantically taps her leg to get her to stop.

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People found the video hilarious and commented: “Also, the pianist is wrong. Those chords. He led her there”.

Watch the video below:

Image: @asiphe_cetywayo/Twitter

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