WATCH: Humanity aims once more for the moon

WATCH: Humanity aims once more for the moon

NASA has levelled the arrow of exploration once more into the depths of space, and humanity is on its way to visiting our closest neighbour again.

artemis launch

NASA has finally achieved launch of its biggest and most powerful rocket yet, which aims to take humanity further than ever before into the unknown of space.

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As part of the new 'Artemis' programme, the 32-story tall Space Launch System (SLS) took off from the Kennedy Space Center carrying the 'Orion' spaceship which will orbit the moon and return as a test for future flights.

The launch was viewed live by an estimated 100,000 people near the launch site, as well as countless others on a livestream. This was a momentous occasion because it was the first trip to the moon since the 'Apollo' era from 1969-1972.

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The 'Artemis' programme aims to have the first woman and first person of colour set their feet on lunar soil by the mid-2020s as a stepping stone to send humans on a more ambitious journey to Mars in the 2030s.

Watch the launch here: 

Watch the build up to the launch below:

Image: NASA

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