WATCH: Husband catches cheating wife at dinner

WATCH: Husband catches cheating wife at dinner

You can just see the heartbreak in this man’s eyes as he confronts his wife.


A video showing a man catching his cheating wife in the act has been doing the rounds on social media.

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The video, which was recorded by another patron of the restaurant, shows the moment the husband confronts his wife.

The husband caught his wife at dinner with another man, after the wife told him that she was going on a girls’ night out.

The husband decided to sit down at their table, and when he spoke to the other man, he said: “This is my wife!”

The drama kept unfolding when the husband asked his wife to explain herself, but she could not answer him.

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The person who recorded the video was thoroughly entertained with the situation and asked: “Who needs Netflix?”

Watch the video below:

@godsonstudio Best dinner ever lol #omg ♬ Under The Influence - Chris Brown

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