WATCH: Little boy drenches father, everyone hoses themselves

WATCH: Little boy drenches father, everyone hoses themselves

We all know that feeling of helping with the chores and having our parents complain about it not being done properly. Well, one local boy decided to take revenge...

Hosing father

A little boy and his father can be seen washing their car together. However, it becomes clear that his work isn't up to his dad's standards after the father shoves his head and scolds him.

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In a stroke of absolute genius, he does what all of us wish we could have done. He gives his father a good helping of instant karma by hosing him down.

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Twitter users got a real kick out of the video, commenting with “Yoh! I wonder how I would’ve survived with that loud speaking, I struggle even now as an adult for people who shouts or speak loud!" and "LMAO putting him to his place.".

Watch the video below:

Image: @MrsPee3/Twitter 

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