WATCH: Little English girl insists she is Afrikaans

WATCH: Little English girl insists she is Afrikaans

Who knows what goes throughs kids’ minds?


Leigh Dennyschene took to Facebook when her daughter started a fight with her, insisting that she is Afrikaans.

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The funny part about the argument is that her daughter does not speak Afrikaans, and to prove it, she asked the girl to name some objects, which she could not do.

The little girl seemed to have a real crisis and was on the verge of tears, but she answered her mom and said that a table in Afrikaans is called an “Afrikaans table”.

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People loved the video and commented: “kyk net hier… so cute,” and “Sy is mos afrikaans, so los haar af”.

Watch the video below:

Image: Leigh Dennyschene/Facebook

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