WATCH: Man gets CC’d in rejection email from company

WATCH: Man gets CC’d in rejection email from company

Sometimes people wish they would be told if they did not get the job, but not like this…

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Imagine thinking that you had a great interview with a company, but then you get CC'd in an email where the HR department talks about rejecting you.

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Well, that is precisely what happened to TikTok user noveltygay, which he explains in a video.

In an accompanying video, he shows the email that he was copied in, and you can see the body of the mail said, 'well, that's interesting ok so let’s reject him'.

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People rushed to the comments saying: "Idc how nice they are. What kind of hiring manager doesn't take a few moments to remove the candidate/ensure the conversation is private? Lol."

Watch the video below:

@noveltygay Reply to @chemicalcleanedmeme #greenscreen please stop creepy here’s the story 😭 #SmoothLikeNitroPepsi ♬ original sound - alexander
@noveltygay #greenscreen hate it here #SmoothLikeNitroPepsi #repost ♬ sonido original - 📮⛓🏁 ; Michael ᭪ ꧇ ࿄⨾

Image: noveltygay/TikTok

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