WATCH: Old lion gets trampled by herd of buffalo

WATCH: Old lion gets trampled by herd of buffalo

Nature can be brutal, and in this case the hunter became the hunted.

Wildlife authorities in KwaZulu-Natal are still trying to track down a lion that escaped from the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve.
Image/Flickr - Male lion with cub

A video shared by field guide, Deon Kelbrick, at the Sabi Sands Game Reserve shows an elderly lion fighting for its life.

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In the video, you see the lion lying down in the middle of a herd of buffalo and panting in the heat.

One of the buffalo approaches the lion and bumps it with its head - and the lion swatted at it.

The buffalo noticed the weakness of the lion and went in for a full force charge which scooped the lion into the air.

The lion put up a valiant fight, but after it got trampled by the buffalo, it could not get up and walk away.

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Sadly, the lion later died from its injuries.

Watch the video below:

Image: Image/Flickr

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