WATCH: Orangutan gets revenge on man taunting it

WATCH: Orangutan gets revenge on man taunting it

You think people would have learned their lesson by now…


A video showing a man taunting an orangutan has been doing the rounds on social media because the orangutan gets his revenge.

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In the video, you see a man standing in front of a cage with an orangutan inside as he taunts it and hits its hand.

The orangutan had enough of the man and managed to grab hold of the man’s shirt and pull him against the cage while the man screamed for help.

Another person comes into frame and kicks at the orangutan to get it to let go, but it holds on tight.

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People were critical of the man who taunted the animal and commented: “Poor thing just wanted a hug,” and “He is surprised he has found out”.

Watch the video below:

*DISCLAIMER: The caption of the video contains explicit language*

Image: @EFFRastafarian/Twitter

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