WATCH: Ostrich on the run in Johannesburg

WATCH: Ostrich on the run in Johannesburg

When driving to work in the morning, the last thing you would expect to see is an ostrich…


A video showing a runaway ostrich has been doing the rounds on social media because of how odd of a sighting it was.

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In the video, you see an ostrich running down the center island of William Nicol without a care in the world.

The funny thing is that the ostrich seems to have no problems with the trucks and cars racing past it.

The Randburg SPCA said that they have been trying to nab the felonious fowl since Tuesday.

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People loved the video and commented: “This is why I love Africa! Never a dull moment!”.

Watch the video below:

Image Credit: @GillianYoungBe1/Twitter

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