WATCH: Palm tree on fire causes havoc in Randburg

WATCH: Palm tree on fire causes havoc in Randburg

Normally, palm trees make people think about relaxing times, but these poor residents were a bundle of stress.


Recently, a video was shared by a resident of Block 14 in Randburg, and it has been doing the rounds on social media.

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In the video, you see a man watching a palm tree catch fire in his neighbour’s yard, and to make things worse, the tree was directly under high-voltage powerlines.

The combination of the fire and the overhead lines caused plasma arc to start appearing, much to the shock of the residents.

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The reaction the man had was justified, and he was not the only one to feel that way with some commenting: “This is something out of comic book, Fire Lightning.”

Watch the video below:

Image: u/Chirok9/Reddit

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