WATCH: Plane nearly hits skydivers after a malfunction

WATCH: Plane nearly hits skydivers after a malfunction

There are plenty of safety hazards one must consider when planning to skydive, but this is one most wouldn’t think about...

Skydivers almost hit by plane
YouTube/ MibFC

In a video released by a videographer filming some skydivers, you can see some of them get out of the plane and later, the aircraft swooped under them, luckily without making contact.

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The videographer explained that he could feel something wrong with the plane after it “slipped” twice.

 He said that the divers nearest the door and himself jumped out, but some five divers were still inside the plane when it stalled. 

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We can’t even imagine how scary that experience must have been, but luckily nobody was injured, and they managed to land the plane.

Image: YouTube/MibFC

Watch the video below:

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