WATCH: Small baby demolishes chicken wing

WATCH: Small baby demolishes chicken wing

This video shows just how cute babies can be.

Baby eating chicken wings completely

A video posted on TikTok has been doing the rounds because it shows a baby devouring chicken wings like a grown man.

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The video shows the baby seated at the dinner table feasting on some chicken wings.

The most amazing thing is that the bones were completely clean, and when he reaches for a new wing, he eats it completely despite his few teeth.

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People were astounded by the video and took to the comments saying: "Not my son cleaning his chicken wing better than me.".

Watch the video below:

@knightsglow This was the first time I put a whole chicken wing on his plate. I’m shook 😳 #babyfood #momtok #mealtime #blw #babyeating #fyp ♬ Oh No - Kreepa

Image: @KnightsGlow/TikTok

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