WATCH: South Africans react to US army training in SA

WATCH: South Africans react to US army training in SA

Finally, we can see what they are doing!

US military convoy

Ever since a United States military plane was spotted, people have been speculating over what exactly they are doing here.

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It turns out that the US military is here to help the South African National Defence Force train and improve.

In a recent video, you can see the military units get off the plane in Richards Bay, KZN, and start performing drills.

Some South Africans are skeptical about the deployment of foreign troops to SA and they voiced their opinions.

Some were saying “nothing comes for free” and hinted at the fact that we may become indebted to the US.

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Others were a bit more optimistic and commented: “There is nothing sinister here. There is always joint training operations between Military teams from different countries. Last year I was in the Waterfront in CPT and the US navy was there.”

Watch the video below:

Image: AFP

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