WATCH: Terrifying moment toddler is dragged under treadmill

WATCH: Terrifying moment toddler is dragged under treadmill

A video showing a child being dragged under a treadmill is serving as a warning to parents and pet owners who have these machines at home. 

child dragged under treadmill
Screenshot/NY Post

The US government released a horrific video of a child being dragged under a Peloton Tread+ and warned consumers with children and pets to immediately stop using the exercise machine.

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According to a report by the NY Post, the video was shared by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission on Saturday. In the video, the child can be playing with a ball while the sibling plays on the treadmill.  The ball gets sucked in by the treadmill and as the toddler attempts to retrieve the ball, he also gets sucked in by the machine! As the sibling runs off, presumably to seek help, the little falls into even more trouble as his entire upper body gets dragged under the machine. 

The little one struggles and eventually manages to free himself and runs to safety. 

Image Credit: NY Post

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