WATCH: Three ravenous birds and a crocodile fight over a fish

WATCH: Three ravenous birds and a crocodile fight over a fish

This was like an all-star brawl for the main prize…


Nature is crazy and there are often fights for survival, but it is quite rare to see three different species of bird and a crocodile fighting for the same fish.

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In the video, you see a large bird standing at the river’s edge with a large fish in its mouth trying to eat it, but then it spots an incoming eagle and leaves the fish.

The eagle swoops in and immediately squares off against the larger bird, and the two begin a duel to see who would keep the fish.

Suddenly, a stork seizes the opportunity to steal the fish and leaves the eagle defeated.

Just when all seemed well, a crocodile slowly emerges behind the stork and begins to eye up its prey.

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People found the video fascinating and commented: “Wow!  Incredible sightings. If the croc had got the stork it would have been worthy of an Oscar!”.

Watch the video below:

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Image: Latest Sightings/YouTube

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