WATCH: Toddler smashes TV to "beat the bad guys"

WATCH: Toddler smashes TV to "beat the bad guys"

A toddler smashed a TV screen trying to "protect" his superhero friend.

Toddler Smashes TV
Instagram/ USA Today

A two-year-old boy is going viral on social media after he tried to "beat the bad guys" that were trying to hurt his superhero friend. 

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The little boy from China was captured picking up a small plastic toy, which he flings at the screen in an attempt to “protect” his superhero friend from danger.

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He picked up another object to keep the baddies away. 

The little real-life hero didn't stop until part of the TV’s entire LCD screen went black. 

Watch the cute but also very costly moment below: 

Image Credit:  Instagram/ USA Today

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