WATCH: Toddler sounds like an old man when he says 'mama'

WATCH: Toddler sounds like an old man when he says 'mama'

Every parent waits eagerly for the first time their child learns to speak, but no one expects their toddler to have a voice this deep. 

Adorable baby sounds like a man
Screenshot/Daily Mail UK

Maiken Woll Eide captured a video that shows her 16-month-old son 'AJ' saying the word 'mama' after being asked to do so by his mom.

The toddler, who was happily eating some berries while sitting on his father's lap, obeyed the request, but no one expected him to sound like this. When AJ finally said 'mama', he used an unusual growl that his mom described as 'almost demonic'.

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The whole thing left his father so shocked that he couldn't stop laughing. 

His mom was reported as saying that the little one has been learning how to say 'mama' and 'papa', but the sound of his voice is nothing they could have imagined. AJ is apparently still saying 'mama' with the same tone and the parents find it totally hilarious. 

Watch the video below:

Image Credit: Daily Mail UK

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