WATCH: Truck blown off the road by severe winds

WATCH: Truck blown off the road by severe winds

Gale force winds are wreaking havoc in the Western Cape at the moment, from fires in Khayelitsha to trucks tipping over. 

Truck tipped over by wind
Wind blows over truck in the Western Cape/Twitter/Rob Beezy

This video will keep you at the edge of your seat, and may even give you heart palpitations. 

Weather in the Western Cape can turn wild, especially when there are gale force winds. Over the weekend while we experienced thundershowers, a fierce south-easter made its presence felt down in the Cape.

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Most of the province has experienced strong winds recently and tragically, the weather conditions played their part in a shack fire that wiped-out homes in Khayelitsha, leaving hundreds of people homeless and one dead.

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In another incident, a video shared on Twitter by Rob Beezy shows a truck driver struggling to keep his truck upright and eventually being tipped over. The dashcam footage from a car behind the truck shows the truck swaying from side to side with its rear wheels lifting off the ground! Imagine the horror for the driver?! The driver momentarily regained control and looked like he would win the battle, but the gale force wind returned and this time the whole truck overturned. 

According to reports, the driver was not injured during the accident.

Watch the footage below.

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