WATCH: Turkey watches another turkey bake in oven

WATCH: Turkey watches another turkey bake in oven

This turkey had a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving…

Turkey being baked

In a video posted on TikTok, a turkey walks into the kitchen one Thanksgiving morning and is greeted by a shocking sight.

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The poor turkey named Tom walked into the kitchen only to find another bird in the oven being baked for Thanksgiving, and he stopped to stare in shock.

The person filming the video can be heard in the background saying to Tom that it’s okay and he doesn’t know the other turkey.

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The video has since racked up an astounding 45-million views, and people took to the comments with hilarious responses like: “You just (going) cook his homie in front of him.”

Watch the video below:

@our10acres Happy Thanksgiving 🦃 #pardoned #turkey #thanksgiving ♬ original sound - MyPineapple

Image Credit: our10acres/TikTok

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