WATCH: Victim robbed on N4 in Pretoria after ‘withdrawing large amount of cash’

WATCH: Victim robbed on N4 in Pretoria after ‘withdrawing large amount of cash’

The victim was apparently followed from the bank after completing the transaction. 

Robbery on N4
Screenshot/Facebook/Suburban Control Centre

The dashcam of a car travelling along the N4 highway in Pretoria recorded a shocking robbery incident that occurred in the middle of the day. 

When the video starts, one can hear the hail of bullets hitting the car before forcing it to stop in the emergency lane. As the hail of bullets landed on the car, one can hear the occupants of the car screaming in fear, and it is not yet clear if anyone was injured. 

As soon as the car stops, a white BMW stops in the middle of the highway and a group of thugs exit carrying guns aimed at the victim. Other cars can be seen speeding past to avoid getting caught up in the robbery.

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The heavily armed thugs then demand that the victim opens the door soon after the thugs run off carrying bags presumed to be carrying the money. 

It is presumed that the thugs had watched the victim withdraw the money and had planned to follow the victim home.

Watch the footage below, but please be warned, the video contains shocking content. 

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