WATCH: What dogs would be like as humans

WATCH: What dogs would be like as humans

This guy deserves an Oscar for sure!


TikToker, Jonny Devaney, has been going viral recently because of his hilarious impressions of what dogs would be like as humans.

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In the video, he presents numerous breeds like rottweilers, basset hounds, and dalmatians, among others.

One of the funniest has to be the impression of an Alaskan malamute, which had him chilling out in the snow with no shirt on.

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People loved the video and commented: “This guy is so hilarious. He does so many different dog videos. There is one video he does with a Chihuahua and it made me laugh so hard.”

Watch the video below:


If dog breeds were people

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Image: @jauncydev/TikTok

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