WATCH: Woman gets shouted at by neighbour for exercising

WATCH: Woman gets shouted at by neighbour for exercising

You would think that exercising in your backyard would avoid disturbances, but this lady had the opposite experience.

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A personal trainer, Joanne Groves, led an online class in her backyard when her neighbour scolded her for "screaming" and causing a disturbance.

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Groves replied, saying that she couldn't be screaming because she had COVID-19, and that's why she had to train from home.

The neighbour's response was shockingly silly when she said she couldn't go out to her garden because Groves had the virus and that Groves was "infringing on her human rights".

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The comments section exploded with people saying: "I can't believe this is real. SCREAMING? HUMAN RIGHTS? Is she okay?" and "This is hysterical.".

Watch the video below:

@joannegroves Thank you for the concern . #neighbourlylove #workout #bullying #covid19 #mygarden #personaltrainer ♬ original sound - Joanne Groves

Image: @joannegroves/TikTok

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