WATCH: A young Picasso with a getaway plan

WATCH: A young Picasso with a getaway plan

This little mastermind knew exactly what he was doing!


A video of a little kid drawing on his dad’s car was posted online by @photographclub_child.

The video had people on Instagram in stitches, laughing at how everything seemed planned and well-executed.

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Little Picasso had his own special drawing tools, which might happen to be his mother’s lipstick.

The video shows the little kid fleeing from the car without even taking a moment to admire his art. The best part? He had a getaway scooter.

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Comments came flooding in with some crying over the number of lipsticks that were used and some going down memory lane, sharing their childhood stories and how naughty they would be.

Watch the video below:

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Image Credit: @photographclub_child

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