What in the 'Bold And The Beautiful' is going on here?

What in the 'Bold And The Beautiful' is going on here?

Alyssa Mae from the UK took to TikTok to lay out her family problems. According to the video, her mother and her boyfriend slept together while she was giving birth. 

Family Drama
Family Drama

How did this happen, you may ask? After a seven-year relationship with her baby daddy, things went from perfect to a nightmare. 

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When Alyssa went into labour with their second child, she called her baby daddy to let him know it was time. Unfortunately, he did not answer his phone. When she finally got hold of him, he let her know that he would not make it (HUH?!). 

Two years after the incident she found out that her mom and baby daddy had been having an affair all along. This was revealed by a neighbour showing her footage (WHAT?). 

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She then went on to find messages and nude photos shared between the two. 

Watch her full story recap below: 


Seems as my last one got removed for violation 😂😂😂✊✊✊

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