Gasping moment wedding goes wrong when minister vomits mid-ceremony

What?! Minister vomits during wedding ceremony

We actually have no idea how we would react if we saw this happen at a wedding?!

vomit image wedding ceremony

We all know that anything and everything can go wrong on a wedding day. Whether it be cold feet, food not being warm enough or the rain pouring down, one needs to be prepared for it all.

However, is anyone ever prepared for a vomiting minister?! This is exactly what happened at a wedding when the minister, mid-ceremony, projectile vomited. 

It is clear from the video released that no one really knew how to react, but the bride was determined to not let this shocking incident spoil her special day. Yikes!

We gasped and then we couldn't help but giggle...

Have you ever experienced something that went horribly wrong at a wedding?

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