Wildebeest caught between a rock and a hard place

Wildebeest caught between a rock and a hard place

This poor wildebeest jumped out of the frying pan only to end up in the fire.


Nature can be an unforgiving mistress, as some tourists witnessed while on a local safari.

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In the video, you can hear the distressed calls of the wildebeest as it is in the jaws of a small crocodile.

The wildebeest managed to break loose and swim away while the tourists urged it on.

Just when the wildebeest thought it was safe at the shoreline, another much larger crocodile lunged at it and wrestled it in a death roll.

While this happens, one of the tourists can be heard whining about how the wildebeest is going to die and crying out.

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People commented: “These are the kind of people I'd want to go to safari with.  2 shows for the price of one.”.

Watch the video below:

Image: Latest Sightings

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