Woman gets pregnant while pregnant with TWINS!

Woman gets pregnant while pregnant with TWINS!

A woman received the biggest surprise of her life when she discovered that she conceived a third baby while pregnant with twins.

Woman gets pregnant while pregnant with TWINS!

A woman discovered she was pregnant with triplets in an ultrasound, but even more shocking was that her 3rd baby was conceived 10 days after her twins. 

The woman, who goes by the handle @blondebunny1 on TikTok, documented her journey with her followers and shared a video of the discovery. 

The phenomenon is known as superfetation and it means that the foetus was formed while another foetus was present in the uterus. This is an incredibly rare occurrence and only a few cases have been recorded in the world. According to www.verywellfamily.com, superfetation occurs when ova from two separate menstrual cycles are released, fertilised, and then implant in the uterus. Normally, once a woman is pregnant, physical and hormonal effects would make this event impossible. 

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Some comments from women who viewed the video revealed that this has happened to them as well. One of the women shared that her babies were born two weeks apart.  

Watch the video below:


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Photo Credit: TikTok/blondebunny1

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