Woman leaves husband of 14 years and gets rejected by ‘soulmate’

Woman leaves husband of 14 years and gets rejected by ‘soulmate’

This turned into a happily-never-after for this woman.

marriage / pexels
marriage / pexels

Amanda Trenfield had been married for 14 years when she thought she finally found her soulmate in someone else.

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The mother of two from Sydney, Australia, shared her story on Twitter and has gone on to write a novel about her experience.

The story began when Trenfield was at a work conference where she was supposed to meet up with her husband, but instead thought she had found her soulmate.

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She met a man named Jason and described the experience: "It travelled to my core; it was so intense I needed to break eye contact. He. We. The energy. It was electric. My body was completely charged. I was completely on."

Even though nothing happened between them, she decided to break off her marriage after one month and pursue him, but he denied her advances.

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People were quite critical of her and commented: "She was convinced they had a connection, but I see no evidence they did. She just projected onto a random dude because she was unhappy. Which we've all been there, but we don't uproot our lives for it."

Image: Pexels

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