Woman shocked to find out her earlobes stink

Woman shocked to find out her earlobes stink

Her reaction to the discovery is hilarious, but it raises the question of whether you have experienced something similar?

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Kerri Roma took to her social media immediately upon finding out that a person’s earlobe could be stinky.

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What shocked her more was that it was her own earlobes that were producing the gross smell.

Kerri immediately turned to her mom and found that her earlobes smelled, but not as bad as her own.

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People were quick to explain what the smell was and commented: “It's your ear piercings, it's all the sweat and oils mixed together…”

Watch the video below:

@roma_0490 Anyone have this problem? Because im shook! #smellyears #fyp ♬ original sound - Kerri Roma

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