Woman's R1-million Eskom bill goes viral

Woman's R1-million Eskom bill goes viral

Now this is something that could give us all heart palpitations...

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Imagine receiving your monthly accounts in the post and you are smacked with a R1-million Eskom utility bill?! 

Well, this is exactly what happened to one lady. 

To be exact, the bill shows that she owes R1,091,835.55 for electricity. Crazy, right? 

Maree McCreadie posted the bill to her Facebook page and by the looks of her caption, this amount is obviously a mistake. A HUGE mistake!

With such a big amount, we have to ask ourselves how this can happen? We also have to ask ourselves what if this is true? 

What could you honestly be doing for your electricity bill to be so high?

Nevertheless, we sure hope that this is resolved. Sjoe!

Have you ever received an account with an crazy amount? 

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