Teenager wants to sell her virginity

Teenager wants to sell her virginity

An 18-year-old Ukrainian girl has offered to sell her virginity because she is in urgent need of a bit of cash.


The teen, known only as Yulia, placed her advertisement in a local newspaper in South East Ukraine, as well as on an online classifieds site called Torbinka.com

The ad was simply titled 'Virginity for Sale', and describes how she will arrange the meeting. It says, "Lovely girl, 18 years old. The student. I'll give my virginity to a serious man who will give me financial assistance in the amount of 50 thousand hryvnia. Meeting exclusively in Melitopol on the territory I choose. Money is not necessary for entertainment and waste. Please, please Skype."

It is unclear why she needs the money, and according to a number of online publications, she says that it is a private reason.

Ukraine girl
Screen shoot of Torbinka.com

Google translate was used to translate the ad.

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