'7de Laan' actor shot multiple times by police - details

'7de Laan' actor shot multiple times by police - details

On Monday morning, a '7de Laan' actor was shot during a protest in Soweto.

7de Laan (Amptelik)
7de Laan (Amptelik)/Facebook

Actor Patrick Shai was shot 13 times with rubber bullets in Soweto after an intervention went horribly wrong - according to reports.

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The legendary actor is well-known for his role as 'Jacob' in the Afrikaans soap, '7de Laan'. Shai is currently in hospital recuperating after being shot several times during a protest in Dobsonville, Soweto.

According to reports, the actor was shot when he was trying to intervene between the enraged community and the police. The community had taken to the streets to protests against electricity cuts.

Shai, who lives in the area, had allegedly not been affected by power cuts but decided to join the protest.

Shai was reportedly shot with rubber bullets in the neck, back, leg, and arms.


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