"99% of the stuff you read about me is not true" - Derick Hougaard opens up

"99% of the stuff you read about me is not true" - Derick Hougaard opens up

Former rugby hero Derick Hougaard joined the Scenic Drive to share more about his life, the past and the future.

Derick Hougaard
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Rian van Heerden recently realised that he is going bald and that he needs help. 

Van Heerden has been thinking about hair therapy to grow his hair back. Former Springbok Derick Hougaard who has been doing hair therapy joined the Scenic Drive to share more.

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Derick Hougaard has recently been announced as one of the South African ambassadors for leading hair restoration company, Advanced Hair Studio.

"I never thought I had hair problems. After I started the treatment I started to see the difference. I only went for one treatment and I am so happy I did it.

"If people want to get the treatment to make them feel good, they must do it."

Derick Hougaard also shared more about his personal life and what people read in the media.

"I have never cheated and people want to sketch that picture about me. 99% of the things you read about me is not true,” he explained.

The former rugby star admits that he has been through a lot and that he has made mistakes. “If you have walked in my shoes, then you can say something. I can only have an opinion about something if I went through it."

"I am really in a good space now, I am happy with the people around me. I don't want to focus on the negative and I would never treat people in a bad way."

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