Alvin Bruinders and Gerhard Steyn brave the Ghost Pepper challenge
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Alvin Bruinders and Gerhard Steyn brave the Ghost Pepper challenge

Alvin Bruinders and Gerhard Steyn have had a whale of a time scouting out the most unique restaurants on their show, Konings van Kitskos. Nothing could have prepared them for what Rian had in store.

Alvin Bruinders and Gerhard Steyn
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Afrikaans entertainers Gerhard Steyn and Alvin Bruinders have each carved out a niche for themselves. South African audiences will remember Alvin as the police officer "Sheridan" on the much-loved SABC comedy Vetkoek Paleis. In the years that followed, Alvin ventured into music and presenting, building a sound reputation for himself. 

Gerhard Steyn is perhaps best-known for his hit single, "Baby Tjoklits". In the decade since, Gerhard has continued to produce music and branched out to include voiceover work and acting in his portfolio. 

The two have been brought together by VIA's show, Konings van Kitskos. The show sees Alvin and Gerhard travelling through South Africa in search of the most unique fast food items.

In line with the theme of their show, Rian asked the two to try something quite daring: ghost pepper chicken wings. The pepper was once known as the hottest chili in the world, measured at one million Scoville Heat Units (SHU).

Alvin and Gerhard were not fazed and bravely took on the pepper.

It may be the months spent on the road testing different tastes on their palates that prepared the men for this challenge. They did not feel any of the Scoville heat and continued to eat the wings. They did admit later on, though, that the heat began to build in their mouths after the last bite. 

This Takeaway Wednesday may have been on the hazardous side, but one thing is for sure: Alvin and Gerhard have yet to be faced with a meal that they won't try at least once. 

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