André Odendaal's movie 'Gat In Die Muur' hits Netflix

André Odendaal's movie 'Gat In Die Muur' hits Netflix

Director André Odendaal joined the Scenic Drive to talk about his new movie, 'Gat In Die Muur', that is currently on Netflix. 

Gat In Die Muur Movie
YouTube/ Gat In Die Muur

André Odendaal is a South African actor and director best known to television audiences for his roles in the kykNET drama series 'Getroud Met Rugby' and 'Hartland.'

Odendaal's new movie, 'Gat In Die Muur', is currently on Netflix - one of the first Afrikaans movies to be seen on this platform.

'Gat in Die Muur' is essentially a story about discovering life as one goes on your final journey to death. 

Riaan (André Odendaal) is a maverick and lives life to the extreme - money, sex, and a good daily swim! He is diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and prefers to experiment with raw marijuana to numb the pain. 

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He brings his only son Ben - who lives abroad - to South Africa to go on a journey with him, along with the mysterious Ava (Tinarie van Wyk Loots). 

The trip takes them to his best friend Tony, who runs their coffee farm in the Transkei. On this journey, he introduces life to his son and Ava. Secrets from his past are also revealed. It is a story of life, love, true friendship, and good coffee across the colour line between a white Afrikaner and his Xhosa friend.

Watch the trailer below:

Odendaal joined the Scenic Drive to talk about this new movie.

"We've been busy with this movie since 2016. When Netflix saw the movie, they liked it." 

"It's the first Afrikaans movie to be on Netflix."

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