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Anti-street gang unit Major-General Jeremy Vearey dishes the dirt to Rian

Gangs are a major problem in South Africa and a man that was on the frontline of the war against gangs was Major-General Jeremy Vearey.

Jeremy Vearey

Top Western Cape police officer Major General Jeremy Vearey has a colourful history in law enforcement. He is best known for his work as the head of the province's anti-street gang unit and as Nelson Mandela's former bodyguard.

He has now been appointed as the province's deputy commissioner of crime detection and has been instrumental in the fight in gangs in South Africa. He has now written a book 'Jeremy vannie Elsies' which describes his life as a crime fighter in the depths of the Western Cape gangs.

Jeremy Vearey

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He spoke to Rian and the team about his journey protect the people of South Africa.

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