Bartender lashes out at handsy patron

Bartender lashes out at handsy patron

A bartender at Spirits on Bourbon made it clear that she was not going to tolerate inappropriate physical contact from unruly patrons. 

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Twitter screenshot/Tyler Gamble

When you're out on a pub crawl in a busy city, you're probably looking for the places with the best drinks and an even better atmosphere.

If the waitresses are known to pour shots directly into patrons' mouths in front of a huge crowd, it's safe to say that the bar in question offers an unforgettable experience.

This is how Spirits on Bourbon, a vibrant establishment in New Orleans, has built its fanbase. But even regular visitors were surprised by the actions of this particular bartender. 

The bar's most popular shot involves much more than a gulp of spirits: you sit in the famous barber's chair in the middle of the shop and, as a crowd watches, a scantily-clad bartender pours a drink into your mouth and then proceeds to grab your head and mash it into her cleavage. It all happens very quickly and apparently, it is so much fun that even people not currently in the chair want in on the action. 

That was the mistake one woman made when she decided to walk up to the bartender and slap her behind. The bartender reacted quickly and aggressively, stopping mid-pour to hit the woman who had touched her. When the woman begins to protest, the bartender continues to hit her, apparently to show her that she will absolutely not tolerate being inappropriately touched by patrons. 

After a brief scuffle, the woman who slapped her is escorted out and the festivities resume. The bartender goes back to the barber's chair and continues with her job.

The bartender's actions may seem aggressive, but in her line of work, she has to be firm about boundaries and consent. 

She may be in the business of showing you a good time, but you still have to respect her - and that woman who slapped her had to learn that the hard way. 

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