A bath, a blindfold and all your biggest fears
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A bath, a blindfold and all your biggest fears

The final SDD challenge is also the scariest. Quinton is in a small space alone with some hissing cockroaches - and a snake!

quinton in the bath
Jacaranda FM/MorneJK

Quinton has spent the whole week worrying about what Rian would have him do for the final SDD challenge. Tonight, he was instructed to sit inside an empty bathtub with a blindfold on and wait. 

Slowly, Quinton was introduced to one of the worst creatures anyone would want to share a small space with: Madagascan hissing cockroaches!

As if that weren't bad enough, Rian decided to raise the stakes even higher and introduce another unlikely bathtime companion into the situation: a python. 

The fear is clear on Quinton's face and he is certainly not having the best time of his life, but he is still handling the situation better than many other people would. He has not run away screaming or fainted just yet. Does this mean he is the candidate most worthy of becoming the Scenic Drive Driver?

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