Big changes coming to WhatsApp

Big changes coming to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is working on a number of exciting new features that are expected to roll out in the near future. 

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WhatsApp is expected to receive a range of new tools and improved functionality.

Here are some of the changes: 

Disappearing of messages

Users will be able to send an expiring image, video, or GIF using this functionality and once it is sent, it will disappear from the recipient’s phone once they leave the chat. There is no timer to set, as the image will completely disappear after it is viewed.

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Vacation Mode

Currently, chats which are archived by users are automatically unarchived again when a new message is received. This new feature allows users to ignore archived chats.

Fingerprint security

A security feature that will allow users to verify their identity for WhatsApp Web using the fingerprint sensor on their smartphone.

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